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A common cause of vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis. Although it is quite prevalent in sexually active women, bacterial vaginosis is not currently considered a sexually transmitted disease. It usually arises due to an imbalance in the normal vaginal flora. If you are reading this post, you probably know what bacterial vaginosis is and you are most likely looking for ways to treat it. There are a number of drug and non drug measures you can take to combat bacterial vaginosis. One of the methods gaining popularity these days are home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Using home treatments is a good way to remedy the problem, simply because it is probably one of the most effective ones. This very often helps prevent relapses which seem to happen a great deal when using antibiotics or other over the counters. I am going to share a few examples of home remedies for bacterial vaginosis, which hopefully might be useful to you.

Medical Properties of Yogurt

Treating bacterial vaginosis with yogurt is done in two-folds. First of all, you need to eat as much yogurt as you possible can; everyday. You can consume any flavor you like. Vary your selection so that it does not become boring. The second strategy for using yogurt as part of the management of BV would be to place it within your vaginal canal.

Control Your Vaginal Acidity

The pH of your vaginal fluid determines whether your vaginal environment is acidic or not. Acidifying your genital tract serves to kill the bacteria already present and also prevents future colonisations. You can easily increase the acidity of your vagina by using Summer’s Eve medicated douche. This particular douche contains potassium iodide. Alternatively, you may use a vinegar douche, which can be easily prepared at home by mixing one tablespoon of vinegar per quart of warm water.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known to have bactericidal effects and is quite effective to fight bacterial vaginosis. It is quite straightforward to use. All you need to do is to put a few drops of tea tree oil in your bathtub and soak your body in it. You may also rub some of it near your genital area.


Homeopathy medications are easily available over the counter and this is why they are becoming so popular. Pulsatilla and sepia are some of the ingredients often used which make homeopathy so useful for treating bacterial vaginosis.

Control Your Diet

Many people believe that your diet determines who you are. This is certainly true from a medical perspective. With regards to bacterial vaginosis, you should try to avoid all types of food which promote yeast growth. This includes cheese, dark chocolate, sugar, white wine vinegar, fermented food items and alcoholic beverages. Of course, this list is far from complete.

The Role Of Vitamins

Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E have proven to be quite useful when it comes to treating bacterial vaginosis. Vitamin E can be administered both topically and through capsules orally; it can help alleviate itching in the genital area.

Warm Bath

Having a warm bath can be both relaxing and soothing for inflamed tissues. However, you should avoid using soap. Soap washes out all the skin’s natural oil which has a protective effect and acts as a barrier against pathogens. Using soap will most certainly expose your genital tract to the different microorganisms which may in turn cause bacterial vaginosis.
Cold Compresses

Swelling and itching can be quite distressing and can make your life miserable. Cold causes constriction of your blood vessels and limits the blood flow in that particular region. Applying a cold compress to the part of your skin which is affected can help; you will find that the area may soon become less inflamed and swollen.

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis are a cheap but very effective method of getting rid of this condition once and for all. The above mentioned treatment solutions will help eliminate all the symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis:- itching, burning sensation, and the stinking fishy odor. You can also try out the recommendations on the bacterial vaginosis Freedom Guide. They have proven to be very effective in getting rid of this infection. Visit this page: Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis Review, to read more about this guide and see how it has help thousands of women allover the world to get rid of their BV.

Having a bacterial vaginosis is not the end of the world. You can definitely cure it permanently by using the same methods that have worked for generations. You just need to give these methods a try.

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